About Us

ABEFCU is a cooperative savings and loan created in 1967 by a group of employees.  Like all Credit Unions, ours is mutually owned and operated by its members who save together and make loans to each other from their aggregate funds.

Membership Eligibility 

Employees of Walt Disney Company, Inc. and its subsidiaries are eligible for Credit Union membership.  Employees of certain other related companies and family members of qualified members are also eligible. ABEFCU operates full service branches throughout the U.S.

The Credit Union offers:  regular savings, Basic, Primetime, Super, and Super Plus share draft checking accounts with ATM access, IRA accounts, Investment Club Certificates, Holiday and Vacation Club accounts, and our own federally insured Money Market account.

The Credit Union also provides:  real estate, home equity, education, consumer, and auto loans, as well as home equity and checking credit lines.  In addition, we offer:  payroll deduction, Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposits of payroll, pension and Social Security checks, wire transfers, travelers' checks, money orders, foreign currency, Audio Response Services, Internet Branch Services, and MasterCard and Visa credit cards.  ABE owns and operates its in-house computer data center.

Safety of Deposits

Credit Union savings are protected by:  careful investment in sound loans, bonding of employees and officials, a substantial reserve fund, regular audits conducted by the federal government, and the Credit Union's own supervisory committee, including audits by Anderson & French, P.C.  Savings are insured to $250,000.00, by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government.  IRA deposits are insured to $250,000.00, by the National Credit Union Administration.


Our prime objectives are to provide full financial services and to help our members manage their money by:  creating a regular savings plan, making intelligent use of credit, and using our personal financial services.  The Credit Union is a non-profit organization that serves only its members.  A Board of Directors to manage the organization and a Credit Committee to approve loans are elected by the members at an annual membership meeting.

Application for Membership 

An application for membership may be obtained at any Credit Union office, from a Credit Union service representative at your work location, or online.  Simply complete the required information on the account application form, and forward the application to the Credit Union, along with $2.00 to cover lifetime membership fees and an initial deposit of $25.00.


Dividends are based on the earnings of the Credit Union and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  Rates on Investment Club and IRA Certificates are based on the amount of the certificate and its term of maturity.

Payroll Deduction Plan 

How much or how regularly you save is entirely up to you.  Most members meet their personal savings goals by using the "Systematic Savings Plan."  Members can choose any amount to be deducted from their pay checks and automatically credited to their account.  As personal savings goals change, the amount can be adjusted accordingly by simply preparing a change form available at any Credit Union office.

Special forms for payroll deductions and ACH direct deposits are available at the Credit Union office, and deductions are always treated confidentially.  A regular, fixed amount can be authorized and where local payroll systems permit, employees may have their entire net paycheck deposited into their account.  Funds become available on the member's scheduled payday.  Where company reporting is available earlier than payday, members are able to withdraw funds a full day before their regular payday.

Changing Employment 

ABE has a policy of "Once a member, always a member."  There are only three requirements for members who change employment.

  1. Keep an active loan account within the guidelines set by the Board of Directors, and/or 

  2. Maintain an active minimum share (savings) account balance of $5.00, and

  3. Maintain a good credit status with ABEFCU.

In the event you terminate your employment while you have an active loan, please contact the Credit Union office so we can make arrangements for you to continue to make payments on your loan with our monthly coupon payment book.

How you can help the Credit Union operate 

To be successful, a Credit Union needs people to run it who will give some of their voluntary time.  If you are interested in becoming an active member of the Credit Union Management Team, please feel free to call the Credit Union and inquire for further information.